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Security Services Platform features

This section describes the features of Security Services Platform.

For technical documentation, API specifications, and integration guides, see NAGRA Security Services Platform | Integration Portal.

From basic cardless protection for free-to-view broadcast services to the most advanced, converged CAS/DRM and watermarking for connected, multiscreen pay-TV with exclusive sports and movies, NAGRA has the solution for you. We will help you deliver your content securely and efficiently using the industry’s most trusted and advanced adaptive content protection technologies, including Conditional Access, DRM and Multi-DRM Management and Forensic Watermarking – all using a single Security Services Platform. Can you really afford to entrust your content to less than the best?

The NAGRA Security Services Platform (NAGRA SSP) is a newer generation security platform enabling a comprehensive approach to security through its content and service protection features in Pay-TV. It is designed to address the current Pay-TV market challenges and the future needs that NAGRA believes are part of the ALL-IP transformation happening in the industry.

SSP enables a rich set of security features and use cases seamlessly across connected DVB, IPTV multicast, and OTT unicast networks to Pay-TV operators, TV service providers, and content owners.

Thanks to its flexible design and modular service approach, service providers now have the possibility to select the appropriate service modules based on their needs and what is already present in their platforms. It also allows a progressive approach to security – start with basic use cases at a smaller scale and then move to advanced use cases at a bigger scale, or start with an OTT network and then move to traditional networks such as multicast. Alternatively, start with a converged security base like IPTV/OTT and then add active streaming protection use cases like anti-account sharing and watermarking in OTT.

The use of advanced technologies in SSP allows full flexibility in terms of deployment models and high scalability for growing business; on-premise with appliances or private cloud with small to large deployment maps, SaaS model from public cloud with auto-scaling options to deal with higher loads together with the ability to have multiple tenants with the required segmentation.

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