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Product components

OpenTV Video Platform

ADMAccount and Device Manager
AGWAPI Gateway
BCMBusiness Configuration Manager
CAGCAS Gateway
CCPCast, Crew, and Persona service
CDGContent Discovery Gateway
CDSContent Discovery Service
CEXContent Exporter
CIMContent Importer
CPMContent and Product Manager
CPWContent Publishing Window
CWMContent Workflow Manager
CRM GatewayAPI gateway service for use by customer relationship management (CRM) systems
DMMDevice Messaging Manager
DWHData Warehouse
GOCGracenote OnConnect adaptor
IASIdentity Authentication Service
IHSImage Handler Service
MASMetadata Aggregation Service
MDSMetadata Service
ODMOpen Device Messaging
OPFOpenTV Platform
PMGPromotions Manager
RMGRights Manager
SRMSession Resource Manager
UAVUser Activity Vault


ADMAccount and Device Manager
ASMAuthorization Server Manager
CCTCAS Configuration Tool
CKMContent Key Management service
CLMContent License Management service
DASDevice Authentication Service
DMSDevice Messaging Service
IMSInformation Management Service
KSSKey and Signalization Synchronization service
KMSKey Management Server
NASCNAGRA Advanced Security Certification
NOCSNAGRA On-Chip Security
PLMProduct License Management
PRM-LSPRM License Server
PSMPlayback Session Metadata service
PVSProvisioning Service
RMGRights Manager
SDPService Delivery PlatformPart of OpenTV Platform 2.x (MediaLive)
SSMSecure Session Manager
SSPSecurity Services Platform
TKAPTVKey Activation Proxy
TKASTVKey Activation Service
TVKCCTVKey Cloud Client

Other terms and abbreviations

ACLAccess Control List
AFTxReference codes for Amazon Fire TV device models
APKAndroid Package KitAn application file ready for installation on an Android device
APNSApple Push Notification Service
APSAlgorithm Parameter SetA list of parameters associated to a specific Java algorithm. Used in OpenTV to trigger automatic imports and exports.
AWSAmazon Web Services
Bundled account request
A bundled account request allows you to get all the users and devices for account in a single request, instead of having to make multiple requests.
Bundled device request
A bundled device request allows you to get all the details of an account, its users, and its devices from the ID of one of its devices, instead of having to make multiple requests.
CAConditional Access
CASConditional Access System
CBCCipher Block Chaining mode
CBCSCBC Subsample pattern encryption scheme
CDMContent Decryption Module
CDNContent Delivery Network
CDVRCloud-based digital video recording
CDWCurrent Delivery Window
CENCComment encryption
CORSCross-Origin Resource Sharing
CPIXContent Protection Information Exchange format
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CTRCounter Mode
CUCatch Up
CWControl Words
DASHDynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
DCEDirect Channel Entry
DCMDVL Control Message
DMMDVL Management Message
DRMDigital Rights Management
DTEDigital Terminal Equipment
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DVRDigital Video Recorder
ECMEntitlement Control Message
ECMG/ECM-GEntitlement Control Message Generator
E-CMSEditorial CMS
Editorial channel
A live channel. See also Technical channel.
EITEvent Information TableIn a DVB system, the EIT contains the events for a channel for a particular time period.
EMEEncrypted Media Extensions
EMMEntitlement Management Message
EMMG/EMM-GEntitlement Management Message Generator
EPGElectronic Program GuideKnown as GUIDE in the ION app user interface
FCMFirebase Cloud Messaging

File transfer protocol

Standard Internet protocol and application to transmit files between machines. FTP uses the TCP/IP protocols. FTP is commonly used to transfer Web pages from their creator to the computer that acts as their server for everyone on the Internet.

GCEGoogle Common Encryption
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
GUIGraphical User Interface
HEHead End
HEVCHigh Efficiency Video CodingA video compression standard (also known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2) 
HLSHTTP Live Streaming
HW-PRMHardware PRM
i18nInternationalisationThe process of preparing software to support local languages and cultural settings
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IONThe working name for the OpenTV app

Internet Protocol television

IRDIntegrated Receiver Decoder
ISMIMS Schedule Management
ISPMIMS Service Plan Management
IVInitialisation vector
LSLicense Server
LTCULong Term Catch Up
MIBManagement Information Base
NPVRNetwork Personal Video Recorder
OCBOne Code Base
OCMOperator Configuration Metadata
OSOperating System
OTTOver The TopAny streaming service offered directly to viewers via the Internet
OVPOnline Video Platform
PATProgram Association Table
PINPersonal Identification Number
PMTProgram Mapping Table
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PRMPersistent Rights Management
PRM-LSPRM License Server
Anything that a user can buy. This can be a one-off TVOD purchase, an SVOD subscriptions, etc.
PSIProgram Service Information
PSSHProtection System Specific Header
RTLRight To LeftA locale property indicating that text is written from right to left
SCSSimulcrypt Synchronizer
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SIService Information
SMPSecure Media Path
SMSSubscriber Management System
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOStart Over
SSMSimple Systems ManagerNow known as AWS Systems Manager. A service that you can use to view and control your infrastructure on AWS.
STBSet-Top Box
STCUShort Term Catch Up
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SVODSubscription Video On Demand
SW-PRMSoftware PRM
Technical channel
A specific version of a live channel. For example, for a single editorial channel, there will typically be several different technical channels, for example, 4k, HD, and SD versions. See also Editorial channel.
TIFAndroid TV Input Framework
TVODTransactional Video On Demand
UIUser Interface
UTF-8UCS Transforming Format 8UTF-8 is an alternative coded representation form for all the characters of the UCS. It can be used to transmit text data through communication systems which assume that individual octets in the range 00 to 7F have a definition according to ISO/IEC 4873. UTF-8 is a good way to go for using Unicode under Unix-style operating systems.
UXUser Experience
VODVideo On Demand

eXtensible Markup Language

XML is standard language used to create extensible data structures (XML schemas) and documents compatible with these structures (XML documents). Allows designers to create their own customised tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications.

XSDXML Schema DefinitionSpecifies how to formally describe the elements in an XML document. It contains a set of rules to which an XML document must conform in order to be considered "valid" according to that schema. 

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