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DAS React Native Client Documentation

NAGRA provides a Client SDK for each of the supported platforms (Web, Android, iOS).  This single React Native module encompasses those platform-specific SDKs into a single module with a common set of APIs.


A DASSession is created and then opened (with the open() API call) to prepare for Device Authentication to take place.  Each of the functions to be carried out is within the context of the DASSession so when completed, the session should be closed (with the close() API call).

  • Obtaining the authentication data is performed by calling the getAuthenticationData() API call.

  • Licences are obtained via the importLicense() API call.

  • A message can be encrypted with the encrypt() API; conversely, a message can be decrypted with the decrypt() API.

  • Signing the data can be achieved with the sign() API.

  • Signature verification can be verified with the verify() API.

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