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CONNECT Player Overview

NAGRA's CONNECT Player is an operator-centric OTT player designed to meet the challenges of delivering OTT in the TV device ecosystem and the live TV experience expected of a Pay-TV operator. It manages the different behaviours across the device ecosystem and the complex security landscape of multi-DRM and bridges the gap between open devices and set-top boxes.


Many devices now support more than one DRM system. CONNECT Player can detect, prioritise and select between the available DRMs.

  • Widevine device revocation
    An override mechanism prevents devices such as Nexus 7 and Pixel C from being revoked by Widevine.

  • Software and hardware DRM handling
    Key per track is supported, and DRM level detection assists the app in choosing between SD/HD/UHD streams. 

  • External connection notification
    User events are notified to manage output control in a user-friendly way.

CONNECT Player and NAGRA Services

Pre-integrated with CONNECT Player for QoS/QoE and audience measurement:

  • Insight analytics
    Collects device and stream performance. The Player plus Insight creates a feedback loop for data-driven improvements.

    Optional DRM on operator Android TV devices and provides a primary/secondary alternative to Widevine.

  • Secure Session Management
    Integrated support for DRM-enforced session control. Available on Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay Streaming.

  • QuickMark watermarking
    Integrated support for client-side forensic watermarking across all devices. QuickMark can be combined with SSM to create a detection/enforcement loop.

  • Client device hardening
    Use with Android Nagra Native Secure (AnNaNaS) on Android for anti-root, anti-debug and anti-emulator. Use with KOP4J as part of complete application obfuscation on Android.

Offline playback

  • Supported for Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Optimised to be faster than off-the-shelf solutions.

  • Supports pause/resume, license renewal, background downloading, etc.

  • Not provided 'out of the box' for free solutions.

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