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Solution Overview

If you are using Contego/Conax products, please refer to the documentation available at

1. NAGRA Multi-DRM Cloud Service

Nagravision provides a Multi-DRM cloud solution including a Content Key Server and Multi-DRM License Servers for PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay DRMs.

Operators who want to offer an OTT streaming service can use the NAGRA Multi-DRM Cloud Service to deliver OTT content securely to authorized subscribers.

1.1. External Interfaces

The NAGRA Multi-DRM Cloud Service offers the following interfaces:

  1. Key Server interface. Allows an OTT content preparation head-end (OTT Packager) to retrieve content keys and DRM signaling.
  2. Multi-DRM License Servers interface. Allows end-user open devices to retrieve content keys so they can play OTT content that is protected with a DRM license in a secure way.

1.1.1. Key Server Interface

The NAGRA Key Server interface allows the retrieval of content keys and DRM signalling for PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay DRMs.

See the NAGRA Key Server API specification for more details.

This interface is protected using NAGRA Authentication tokens. See this page to find out how to generate tokens to use the NAGRA Multi-DRM interfaces.

1.1.2. Multi-DRM License Servers interface

NAGRA Content Authorization tokensthis pageAPI

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