ION feature matrix

Feature name STB Mobile phones Tablets Browsers Other home media devices
Android Android iPhone Android iPad Chrome Safari Mozilla Fire TV
Playback controls
Streaming format support Live: HLS-TS      
Streaming format support Live: HLS-CMAF                  
Streaming format support Live: DASH          
Common encryption: CMAF-CBC1                  
DRM: Connect (STB)                
DRM: Fairplay            
DRM: DASH Widevine      
DRM: DASH PlayReady                  
Common Encryption: DASH CENC WW+PR                  
Streaming format support VOD: HLS-TS                
Streaming format support VOD:HLS-CMAF                  
Streaming format support VOD: DASH              
Play on-demand content in the Clear: CMAF-CBC1                  
Play/Pause/Resume: basic player controls (for Live)  
Scrubber UI for FF/RW: FF and RW with UI to help the user move around in the time series of the content          
Thumbnails for Trick mode: UI to use key scene thumbnails to help the user in the FF/RW scrubbing experience              
Subtitles and CC: ability to enable/disable subtitles and CC, including selecting the language, where applicable  
Multi-audio tracks: ability to switch to different audio tracks. Remembers last selection. HLS and DASH only. ;  
Auto-play next episode (non-linear content only)                
Adaptive bitrate: DASH        
Bandwidth capping: ability to cap the bitrate/presentation of ABR content                  
VP9 support: license free 10bit support and UHD resolutions                  
HEVC support: ability to play content at 10bit and UHD resolutions                  
Dolby: MS12, DD, DD+, AC4, Atmos, audio easing                  
EPG 2.0
EPG channel lineup: display of linear content in the EPG grid: channel logo, number, content description, start/end time
Play affordance: show users content that they can immediately play in the EPG (VoD, SOCU, LTCU, 3rd party content)            
Favouriting channels: user should be able to favourite channels and access favourite channel list  
Record from EPG: ability to record a show from the EPG interface  
Future EPG: user should able to see future EPG channels (support +14 days)    
Reverse EPG: ability to show start-over and STCU content in the EPG (support -7 days)    
Filter: by favourite and by genre: filter to only show favourite channels or channels grouped by a specific channel genre    
Non-linear channel row: virtual channel in the EPG, pre-curated content              
Non-linear channel row: recommendations                  
Non-linear channel row: third-party recommendations                  
Dynamic VOD channel row: dynamic insertion of the VOD channel row into the EPG grid                  
Custom preference row: virtual channel based on preference (includes mix of Live and VOD)                  
OTT-only channels in the EPG (e.g., Pluto TV)
Basic live features
Direct channel tuning: ability to directly access a channel by entering its channel number                
Channel up/down, page up/down: channel surfing with +/- buttons, fast navigation of EPG with page up/down buttons                
35+ RCU support: support of full RCU button set (see RCU requirements definition)                
Saved with CU and VOD events      
Saved with recorded content (nPVR): record, view recordings, delete recordings, filter recordings    
Series recording (nPVR): record, view recordings, delete recordings, filter recordings      
Smart series linking                  
ION experience features
STILL WATCHING: stop playback after a set time of non-use              
Timeline: includes channel browsing, recents, and recommendations              
Video preview: when UX navigation stops on timeline, the content goes to video preview mode            
Magazine – content recommendations: live and VOD
Saved content recommendations: adding support for recommending saved content                  
Channel surfer: browse through live channels      
Live menu: categorical view of currently airing content
Search: search across title, description, cast across all sources (live, VOD, etc.)
Search – autocomplete: autocomplete or search as you type (optimised for network traffic)      
Search – recents searches: recent searches (with ability to delete)  
Search – near results: provide near results even when there is no direct match, similar titles, titles based on cast, prevent null result                  
Browse: access to full operator catalogue      
System state awareness (notification): support for notifications at the system level (Android TV) and app level for open devices                
Android TV operator tier
Boot to ION UX app: STB starts up into operator experience                
Integrate Google Apps and Games: Google Apps and Games tab that is populated by Google                
Integrate Google Assistant: integrate Google search and voice search (if available on the RCU)                
Google search with operator results: search that incorporates the operator's content in the search results                
First use integration: incorporates Google requirements in first use flow – Google terms and account setup                
Settings with Android advanced settings: integration of Android settings into ION system settings              
Notifications integration: notifications centre present on home screen, integrated to Google notifications server                
Wifi settings integration: integration of wifi settings into ION system settings              
Offline functionality: Apps and Games should be navigable without network                
Mobile and TV app features
Push to preview: channel surfing UX on mobile              
Force Touch/3D Touch shortcuts: native integration with OS                
Google/Apple Today/Now widgets: native integration with OS                  
Notification integration: native integration with OS                  
Throw/fetch/cast: receiver                  
Search integration: registration with native OS search services                  
Channel info: display channel name, number, and logo  
Poster/image: display appropriate image for the title  
Title: display content title  
Description: display synopsis of the program  
Duration: display the running time of the program, for live content display start/end time and date  
Genre: display the associated genre(s) for the content  
Season/episode: when appropriate, display the season/episode number  
Parental rating: display the parental rating for the content  
Cast and crew: display the relevant cast and crew      
Related content: display recommended content based on that event      
Episode picker: view all available episodes for a TV show  
Better Together
Throw/casting: ability to throw clear and encrypted content from phone/tablet/PC to Chromecast devices                  
Continue watching: continue watching content list on all devices    
Alexa integration: control Android TV STB from Amazon Alexa device                  
Type to search notification POC support: continued support of search notification POC                  
Alexa POC support: continued support of Alexa POC                  
Character set support: user experience to support various character sets    
Language sets: user experience to be translated into different languages like French, Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.  
Icon and labels: ability to modify Icons and labels for localisation  
RTL support in the UX: support for UX that has similar IA but right-to-left navigation and layout (e.g., Arabic)  
Multi-language search support                  
Branding and configuration
Branding: operator can brand ION with logo, fonts, and colours  
Configure features in ION: add/remove menu tabs and features  
Process and documentation: operator will go through a defined process which specifies what decisions need to be made for branding                  
Timeline partial screen: partial screen option of Timeline (configurable by the operator)                  
Settings, first use, system
Basic device-only settings    
Basic first use: basic setup flow for first-time users (provisioning, network setup, parental controls)    
Account login: username/password login    
User welcome/on-boarding: help users get started using the app/device          
Parental controls – local device: meeting regulatory requirements for parental controls. Can filter out content and channels.  
Parental controls – platform ratings grouping: ability to group ratings into categories on the server side                  
Parental controls – account: manage parental controls at account level                  
Link to self-service portal        
Self-service portal – password reset: link to and cross launch operator self-service portal for account-level user and device management      
Operator notifications to the device      
Endpoint deployment and operations
App store submission: operator should able to publish an app in app store, which users could download      
Sign-in and sign-out: the applications shall allow the user to sign-in and sign-out.  
Verification upon sign-in process: on sign-in, the application shall dialog with the back end to check that the end user credentials are valid and that the OTT device is correctly linked to the corresponding user account.  
Purchase, subscription, monetisation
STB purchase flow: TVOD, and subscription upgrades [MPP Global to End point Notification need to be planned]                  
In-app purchase flow: TVOD, and subscription upgrades [MPP Global to End point Notification need to be planned]                  
Web purchase flow                  
Purchase flow for PPV (PPV only)                  
Subscription live purchase flow (web)                  
Upcoming content: the ability to promote content that will be available in the future: e.g., PPV events, Olympics, Game of Thrones episodes                  
Upselling and displaying unsubscribed content (channels)  
Promotion catalogue – recommendations: promotional catalogue that feeds into recommendation engine                  
Promotions discover magazine: operator can define specific item and rank in magazine view  
Promotions discover category: operator defines a specific category row    
Advertising VAST      
Advertising Google IMA                  
User feature configuration/entitlement: uses configuration service to turn features on/off on end points                  
On net/off net
In-Home Blocking          
Hybrid STB
Scan broadcast channels                  
Tune to broadcast channels                  
Browse and tune via timeline                  
Video preview in timeline                  
Timeshift broadcast (play/pause) STCU                
Record broadcast: set a recording of a specific show (may be physical limitations for UHD over USB) nPVR only                
Series record broadcast: set a recording to record new or all episodes in a series (season handling where required) nPVR only                
Enhancement of broadcast metadata: use Gracenote data to provide an enhanced level of metadata for a broadcast event                  
Voice search and browse of broadcast events                  
Browse and tune via EPG                  
Metrics (for use with analytics)
Content usage: what is being played (channel, VOD, etc.), rate of video, buffering, etc.  
UX usage: track where and how long users are spending time in the UI, device type          
Device monitoring: track managed devices' health and state                  
Region-specific features
Emergency Alert System support (US only)                
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