If you are using Contego/Conax products, please refer to the documentation available at https://doc.integra.nagra.com/.

1. About

This page defines the format of the Content Authorization Token that must be generated by the service providers in order to authorize SSP to create a DRM license for a specific OTT content.

2. Header

2.1. Schema

2.2. Sample

3. Payload

3.1. Schema

3.2. Diagram

3.3. Samples


4. Signature

In order to build the signature, the token's header and payload are signed like this:

  • The signing key that is used corresponds to the SSP tenant's credential identified by "kid" claim from the token's header.
  • The algorithm that is used is HMAC-SHA256, as described in  https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7518 , section 5.2.