If you are using Contego/Conax products, please refer to the documentation available at https://doc.integra.nagra.com/.

1. About

This page defines the format of the Authentication Token. This token needs to be generated and used by service providers for each request performed on SSP backend services like ADM, RMG, IMS or CKM.  

2. Header

2.1. Schema

2.2. Sample

3. Payload

3.1. Schema

3.2. Diagram

3.3. Sample

4. Signature

In order to build signature, token's header and payload are signed:

  • Signing key used corresponds to the SSP tenant's credential identified by "kid" claim from the token's header.
  • Algorithm used is HMAC-SHA256 as described in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7518, section 5.2.