OpenTV Signature Edition

Internet-inspired evolution through a Pay TV lens

The future's already here

It's a changing world.

Margins are tighter and your subscribers always want more.

To grow, you have to be fast on your feet. You need to deliver great content, brilliantly, without high integration or deployment costs.

Innovations in monetisation and user engagement flow from the Internet. And you want to keep reaping the benefits.

We know Pay TV, and the complex challenges you face every day.

That's why we created OpenTV Signature Edition.

Pre-integrated components

Always evolved

Your subscribers want entertainment their way, anywhere and on any device. Delivering great content used to be enough. Not any more. Growth means innovation, always. You need the latest Internet innovations – in monetisation, recommendations, advertising, analytics and more – while securing your reputation for reliability and quality. All without costly integration projects and upgrades.

Signature Edition gives you that evolving ecosystem. No complex integrations, all the content value. We've built clever into the box, so deployment is easy and upgrades are seamless. Hand-picked 3rd party services, a home AI assistant, and all the content and open devices your subscribers demand, now and in the future.

Powerful analytics and the world's first multi-journey UI mean a truly personalised content experience – one that engages, creates stickiness, and monetises. And with the superb, cross-platform playback you'd expect from NAGRA, whether that's 4K TV, mobile, or tablet, SE makes it easier than ever before to grow your subscriber base.

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You're in control

The Operator Console turns you into a leader, not a follower of subscriber demands.

Analytics – both internal and external – and a powerful, intuitive interface amplify your ability to both monetise your content and maximise consumption.

Respond instantly to consumer trends with targeted content, real-time promotions and recommendations. Or build that demand with simple, powerful search and filter mechanisms.

And with EPG 2.0, you can boost subscriber satisfaction still further through truly personalised content and linearised SVOD and VOD channels.

The Console enables rapid onboarding too, so you can start leading, and pleasing new subscribers straight away, all at the click of a mouse.

Pre-integrated components
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