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SDK Release Summary

September 2023

The table below shows the current status of NAGRA SDK releases.




New features


Release Notes

CONNECT Player for Android


18 Aug 2023

API to choose lowest bitrate to start playback

Widevine with unique device ID

API to allow ignore I‑Frames

DNS Resolver

SagemCom STB player entered buffering state shortly after playback started.


SDK generated FATAL NullPointerException.

Android SDK 5.32.0 Release Notes

CONNECT Player for Apple (FPS)


21 Jul 2023

Examples unified in SwiftUI.

Rebuild with Python 3.x KOP Patcher and PAK.

PRM functionality removed.

Better handling of playlist downloads.

Apple (FPS) SDK 5.10.0 Release Notes

CONNECT Player for Browsers and Connected TV


08 Aug 2023

VTT support within the SDK reinstated.

Shaka Player engine updated to v4.3.8.

DRM preference could not be applied without a reset.

Configuration reference to shaka tech left stale during reset

Subtitle not working if Role element value = "main".

Browsers and Connected TV SDK 5.18.0 Release Notes

CONNECT Player TV Demo


05 Sep 2023

Console logging exposure via Visual Timeline.

opy-sdk-js v5.17.0.

config.json file handles both OPF config and console logging.

TV Demo 1.2.0 Release Notes

CONNECT Player Visual Timeline


05 May 2023

Timeline waterfall rendering

No bug fixes.

Visual Timeline 1.0.0 Release Notes

CONNECT Player React Native


25 Aug 2023

Simulator support for iOS and tvOS desktop devices.

Callback mode for mixed-mode playback

refAppCommon crashed on stream selection on Android and IOS.

Android CallbackModeWidevine example was wrongly listed in the menu.

Browser network statistics were shown unoccupied when not selected.

Development build player did not remount player SDK HTML Vid collection back to RN view.

React Native SDK 1.12.0 Release Notes


15 Sep 2023

No new features

Reset was called on source change with Frankie.

React Native SDK 1.12.1 Release Notes


02 Aug 2023

No new features

Unmount of live streams audio still remains on iOS.

React Native SDK 1.11.2 Release Notes

DAS Client for Android


10 May 2023

Expose nvReset API and validate the reset function.

No bug fixes.

DAS Client for Android 5.2.0 Release Notes

DAS Client for Apple


06 Jun 2023

Exposure of the nvReset API.

No bug fixes.

DAS Client for Apple 5.4.0 Release Notes

DAS Web Client for Browsers and Connected TV


17 Feb 2022

Support of DAS Web with Widevine on recent Smart TVs.

No bug fixes.

DAS Web Client 5.3.0 Release Notes

DAS React Native Client


24 Jan 2023

Native Client update:

  • Android support for CONNECT PRM

  • Apple rebuilt for iOS/tvOS 16

No bug fixes.

DAS React Native Client 1.1.0 Release Notes

Insight React Native


13 Sep 2023

React Native Player SDK simulator support for iOS and tvOS.

Connected TV - Insight reported LG TV as NIKEM2.

White screen seen when trying to load on Tizen 5.5.

onStatisticsUpdate was unable to report adaptiveStreaming.

Insight React Native 1.2.0 Release Notes

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