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Insight Agents Overview Documentation

NAGRA Insight Agents allow an application to easily provide and report the relevant information to the Insight Platform. The Agent is provided as a library that needs to be included while building the application. Multiple platforms and languages are supported; you can download each Agent from the links below.

Platform-specific Agents



Download link

Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, or any C/C++ language platform

C/C++ 11

C/C++ Agent Integration Guide

HTML Players, including Smart TVs, Web players, Hybrid apps


Java Agent Integration Guide

iOS, iPad OS, Apple TV OS


iOS and TVOS Native Agent Integration Guide

Android or any Java environment


Java Agent Integration Guide

Nagra Media Player / Connect Player


NMP Agent replacement with Insight Player Agnostic Agent

The following image shows an overview of how the reporting works.

  1. The end user interacts with the video application.

  2. The video application passes the events to the Agent so that the Agent knows what is happening.

  3. The Agent reports the data periodically to the Insight Platform.

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