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Insight Agent for Android

Java Agent integration

The archive files ( in the Downloads section contain the following:

  • The NAGRA Insight Agent (ni-agent-x.y.z.aar), which is an Android ARchive (AAR)

  • The Agent API documentation in the doc/ folder

  • A reference video application using the Insight Agent in the reference-app/ folder

The reference application illustrates how to report Events and Metrics of Video Applications based on the Google ExoPlayer using the Insight Agent. The Insight Agent may also be used with any other Video Player.

Getting started

Configuring the agent

Setup the operatorId and collectorURL configuration parameters in the app/src/main/assets/ file. You may also configure the samplingInterval or the reportingInterval, amongst other parameters. Check the documentation for additional details.

operatorId = yourOperatorToken
collectorUrl =
samplingInterval = 10
reportingInterval = 30

Running the application

In AndroidStudio, open the reference-app project. Configure a virtual device using the AVD manager to run the application; then in the Run menu, click Run ‘app’

When started, the application should look like this:

You will have the choice to play different contents:

  • An MP4 content without adaptive streaming.

  • A content using the HLS protocol.

  • A content using the DASH protocol.

Viewing the raw report

Log into the product with the URL provided. Open the Collector Debugger module; the raw Events and Metrics will be shown.


If you are using KOP4J as an obfuscation tool, you will need to add the following rule in your file:

kop-mask-string,disable class com.nagra.insight.agent.api.* { *; }
kop-opacity-source,disable class com.nagra.insight.agent.api.* { *;}
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