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The OpenTV ION User Interface

The OpenTV ION User Interface (ION UI) is a graphical interface allowing viewers to search for, select, and enjoy a broad array of cloud-based streaming multimedia content and applications.

Designed specifically for ease-of-use, ION UI enhances the viewer's experience through unique functionalities complemented by intuitive interface navigation and a pleasing presentation.

This page provides an overview of ION UI's capabilities on a set-top box; presents ION UI's modern features and appearance; and highlights ION UI's unique capabilities, including an integrated viewing timeline, live video previews, and the inclusion of non-linear content in a traditional EPG.

Highlighted Features


Discover allows users to browse through recommendations and provides quick access to the content they care about the most.
The most relevant recommendations are assembled into a mosaic view at the top of the UI. This is followed by dynamically-generated, categorical strips that allow the user to easily browse and discover more content based on their own viewing habits.



Timeline is your past, present, and future brought together into an easy to browse, linear experience. It’s built onto video playback, where all of the viewers journeys intersect.
To the left, RECENT lets the user get back to what they’ve done.
To the right, WATCH NEXT gets the user onto the next thing.

In the center is what’s on now.
Viewers can vertically scroll through all of their channels for their traditional channel browsing experience.


EPG 2.0

EPG 2.0 is a traditional EPG view with modern enhancements that seamlessly presents VOD content within the linear grid.


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