Advanced multi-DRM support with integrated watermarking

Whatever the level of content protection offered by encryption, key management, and rights management, ultimately the content gets decrypted by legitimate viewers' devices. The capture may be performed with screen grabbing software running on the same device, or from a video capture card or video recording appliance if the legitimate device offers an HDMI output. Unfortunately, the HDCP protection is circumvented by many HDMI splitters.

Would-be pirates may look for solutions to then capture the content for illicit sharing. This may be file sharing of original content (movies, episodes) available from a VoD service, or live re-streaming of linear services especially when offering premium content such as sports, especially pay-per-view events. Hence, watermarking is a key security addon.

NAGRA’s Multi-DRM is pre-integrated with its watermarking and content leak detection service solution. This allows service providers and content owners to easily activate watermarking on content in addition to DRM protection.

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