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Offline consumption

Delivering digital rights (DRM) for both offline and online content is a key feature of our OpenTV Player.

Offline content consumption is fully integrated within our player for both Android and iOS. The table below outlines the high level use cases that we support. For more information about all the features supported by the OpenTV Player, see the Features reference.

Feature          Notes
VOD streams
HLSApple HTTP Live StreamingAllows you to package and format content the same way, across major open platforms. downloader can download and persist VOD streams only.
  • Live streams are not supported.
HLS streams
The HLS downloader can download and persist HLS streams including v5 protocol streams.
  • Byte-range playlists are supported.
Multiple audio tracks
The HLS downloader persists HLS streams that contain multiple audio tracks allowing for use of multiple audio tracks offline.
  • HLS V4 multi-audio is supported.
The HLS downloader persists HLS streams that contain subtitle tracks allowing for use of subtitles offline.
  • SRTSubRip subtitling format (.SRT)SubRip records the text, beginning and end times for each subtitle in its output text .SRT file. is not a supported subtitle format in our downloader. See Subtitles
HLS master playlist
The HLS downloader exposes the available bitrates from the HLS master playlist.
  • Bitrates are displayed in the same order as they are presented in the playlist.
Selected bitrate
The HLS downloader downloads the bitrate selected by the end user. All files related to the selected bitrate are downloaded. The persisted playlists are adapted to remove other bitrates.
  • The selected bitrate is persisted, which means it cannot be changed.
Background downloads
The HLS downloader supports background downloads on Android..
  • iOS background downloading is not supported, due to restrictions set out by Apple.
  • We recommend that end users set their iOS lock screen to Never while downloading content, and leave the application running to ensure the download completes. When satisfied, the end user should reinstate a more secure screen lock timeout.
Simultaneous downloads
The HLS downloader supports simultaneous downloads on iOS.
  • Simultaneous downloads are not supported on Android.
  • While simultaneous downloads are supported on iOS, we recommend that the client application developer restricts iOS to one download at a time to allow for a quicker download rate.
Partially downloaded content
The player can play partially downloaded content while the download continues.
  • If playback is quicker than the download, then playback pauses. The user needs to resume download when more data is available.
Dowloaded assets
The client application can request a list of all downloaded assets.
  • The list of downloaded assets can be queried at any time. Changes in the list of downloaded assets trigger notifications.
Specific downloaded assets
The client application can request information about a specific downloaded asset, including the content ID, storage consumption, consumption bitrate, and the number of media segments.
  • The content ID and/or DRM syntax is available shortly after registering the download.
  • The expected storage consumption is available shortly after registering the download.
  • The effective storage consumption is updated over time.
  • The expected number of media segments is available shortly after registering the download.
  • The number of media segments downloaded is updated over time.
Purging downloaded assets
The HLS downloader provides a way to purge a downloaded asset.
  • After purging a download, no files related to that asset are found on the device. A purge should take no longer than 8 seconds to complete.
  • Supported
  • Restricted by platform
  • Working on support
  • Not applicable



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