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DRM content protection

DRM content protection is provided by NAGRA's Persistent Rights Management (PRM) module. NAGRA PRM is a service provider-controlled DRM, which is deployed at many leading Pay-TV Service Providers, and protects premium content on multiple devices from set-top boxes to PCs/Macs, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. 

NAGRA PRM supports numerous Pay TV-centric features and can easily be integrated. It provides support for:

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) security for stored content.
  • Video on Demand (VOD) security for pushed and pulled content.
  • Protection of streamed content for OTT live and on demand.
  • Protection of progressively downloaded and stored content (download to go).
  • Content sharing within the household.
  • Protection of DVB streams as well as IPTV multicast.

NAGRA PRM protects content using cryptographic tools, which are applied in a way that meets content owner’s requirements.

NAGRA PRM also specifies a set of compliance and robustness rules for device manufacturers, application providers and middleware providers using PRM.

Main advantages of NAGRA PRM

A service provider-controlled DRM

Once NAGRA deploys a NAGRA PRM on the service provider’s premises, only the service provider has the control over the system. There are no third parties capable of revoking the service provider device or service. The service provider decides which device is activated, authorised for content consumption, or revoked.

A complete DRM solution

NAGRA PRM is a complete end-to-end DRM solution, leveraging NAGRA's long standing experience in content protection. Unlike other DRM vendors who simply provide reference code and tools, leaving the whole responsibility to the integrators, NAGRA does all the NAGRA PRM implementations, hardening, and provides an easy-to-integrate secure client.

Supports a wide range of devices

NAGRA PRM offers different client implementations for open devices, on which none of the low level hardware security functions can be accessed such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, and on closed devices, on which service providers have some control over the operating system, hardware and applications, such as STB and CTV. To provide the best possible security for each platform, there are different PRM clients, one per device type. Each PRM client provides the best possible security implementation by leveraging hardware and/or software security. NAGRA also provides a set of security services on top of PRM client implementations, according to Service Provider’s security needs.

Compatible with major adaptive streaming technologies

Live and on-demand streaming over the Internet is one of the many features supported by NAGRA PRM. NAGRA PRM is compatible with major adaptive streaming technologies, including:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming

NAGRA PRM is pre-integrated with many leading Transcoders.

A Pay TV-centered DRM

Most DRMs present in the Pay TV market are from Internet-focused providers and do not support highly complex Pay TV features. A typical example that can well describe the of the complexity of traditional Pay-TV is when selling multiple events on a broadcast channel with frequent key changes. NAGRA, as a long standing Pay TV solution provider, can focus its DRM on Pay TV to develop a “Pay TV specialized DRM” required to support linear TV over unmanaged networks on multiple devices.

Supports one- and two-way networks

While DRM is well known and mostly expected to work for two-way networks, it is also used in one-way networks, such as in satellite connections with features such as Push-VOD or DVR. Considering that most cable networks in the world manage networks where part remains one-way, NAGRA has made sure NAGRA PRM can address both one-way and two-way networks consistently. This is the power of NAGRA PRM and it is enabling such possibilities for over 20 service providers.

Integrates well with any CAS or DRM

Even though the DRM features are complementary to CAS, both need to work hand in hand to bring consistency on the security chain. NAGRA, as a world-known CAS provider, designed NAGRA PRM to easily interface with not only NAGRA CAS but also with any third party CAS.

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