OpenTV Player SDK for Apple (PRM)

Supported OS version

The OpenTV Player SDK for iOS supports iOS releases 11-13.

Supported streaming fomats

Adaptive Streaming Format DRM Audio/Video Container Encryption Method


The OpenTV Player SDK for iOS provides a platform video player that can replace the device's native player. You start writing your native user interfaces based on the iOS SDK and AVPlayer, then switch to our extended AVPlayer that will enable DRM content protection with anyCAST PRM. The user interface is built in Objective-C. The SDK is delivered pre-hardened, and additional tools to finalise the application are provided.

  • Wraps and extends the platform player by providing anyCAST PRM DRM and code hardening
  • Access all AVPlayer native APIs with no restriction
  • Addition of simple function and comprehensive DRM API functions
  • Three additional calls to enable playout of encrypted content via anyCAST PRM DRM
  • Provides additional features on top of the native platform video player such as subtitling and download manager for offline viewing.

Open source usage

The following third-party software is used and embedded within the OpenTV Player SDK for Apple (PRM).

Name Version Open source licence model (if applicable) Link
Boost 1.50.0 Boost Licence 1.0 Static
Boost Logging Lib 0.22.8 Boost Licence 1.0 static
OpenSSL 1.0.2h OpenSSL licence Static
JsonCpp 0.5.0 MIT license/public domain  
Sqlite   Public domain Dynamic
mongoose 3.8.0 MIT License Static
fmdb 1.0.0 MIT License Static
AFNetworking 3.0 MIT License  
Doxygen 1.8.4 GNU  
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