Browser plugins

Our browser plugins and Chrome extension support both HLS and Multi-DRM.

Our secure player for browsers comes in two different plugin flavours: 

Supported platforms


Windows 32

Windows 64

OSX 64

NPAPI and ActiveX browser plugins

PPAPI/NaCl Chrome extension

Deployment and Installation

Installation Mode



Direct Download

A standard installer binary is downloaded and then launched. Both NPAPI and ActiveX are installed by the installer. Updates are performed with the same binary installer and must be handled by the operator. 

ActiveX (automatic)

With ActiveX on Internet Explorer you can setup automatic download and installation of the plugin if it is not present on the end user's browser. Updates can also be triggered automatically. 

Chrome web store

Installed as a Chrome extension that contains the PPAPI version. Updates are performed and triggered silently from the Chrome web store.

  • Supported
  • Restricted by platform
  • Working on support
  • Not applicable


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