In the quest to bring premium content to multiple platforms, Pay-TV operators and service providers are forced to embrace multiple DRMs. While DRMs have been in use for many years, several challenges are still hampering OTT deployments – managing content and device usage rules consistently across all supported DRMs, scaling across all devices, going beyond basic security features, integration with business platforms and packagers, etc…

Protecting content on multiple devices nowadays means the use of platform-specific DRMs such as Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay Streaming in addition to security vendor-provided DRM solutions for platforms like STBs and TVs. Use of security vendor DRM (such as NAGRA PRM) brings some undeniable advantages, like control over implementation on both function and security. Furthermore, it is also a good alternative to platform DRMs even for BYOD devices in numerous situations.

All supported DRMs must be managed seamlessly, consistently, and in a simple way, mainly when it comes to enforcing content usage rules which are often DRM-specific and complex to handle. Saving such DRM specifics and rule management complexity helps service providers reduce impact on their business platforms when integrating a multi-DRM solution.

SSP’s scalable multi-DRM solution (Fairplay for Apple devices and Widevine for Android-based devices, as well MS PlayReady and NAGRA PRM) delivers content protection by leveraging both platform DRMs and NAGRA PRM by enabling advanced features to ensure operators maximise their service reach and achieve operational efficiency.

Securely scale across all devices

Supports leading DRMs such as PlayReady, FairPlay and Widevine. If you have a device that isn’t supported, NAGRA PRM is the answer for both set-top boxes (including 4K) and open devices​.

One ruleset for all

Benefit from common content protection policies and usage rules to maximise both operational efficiency and service reach. ​

Advanced use-case support

Benefit from access to advanced tools such as key change, pre-delivery, PPV support, and support for DASH-IF CPIX.  Extend further to support watermarking for OTT.

Token-based integration​

Forget about complex integration projects – NAGRA Multi-DRM uses tokens to integrate with your business platform.​

Benefit from regular updates​

NAGRA Multi-DRM manages all the latest DRM updates ensuring latest features and improvements can be utilised as soon as possible.