NAGRA CONNECT CLIENT, NAGRA's latest client-side innovation, brings a 4k-compliant CAS and DRM converged client on multiple devices supporting a wide range of use cases from the CAS and DRM worlds. Like many security providers in the Pay-TV industry, NAGRA has been providing separate CAS and DRM clients addressing different sets of use cases. While the CAS client was focusing on the broadcast linear TV type use cases, the DRM client was mainly used for file-based use cases such as VOD and DVR recording. Then with the OTT boom, DRMs were also able to protect linear TV over OTT and started to get closer to CAS-type content protection in the connected market.

Even though CAS brings lot of advantages and flexibility in the broadcast market, DRM has undeniable advantages over CAS, such as content transfer from device to device, etc.

NAGRA, with its expertise in both CAS and DRM content protection schemes, has invested in a disruptive, secure client design that uses DRM as a foundation to build a CAS client for the connected market and that leverages the best of both worlds. As a result, the NAGRA CONNECT CLIENT can be used either for IPTV broadcast (connected DVB or IPTV multicast) or as a pure DRM for OTT live and VOD or for offline file-based use cases such as local recording or content sharing in the home.

Even though CONNECT is built entirely with portable code and can technically support any device type and configuration, NAGRA is proposing the following flavours, which should cover most of service provider contexts:

  • NAGRA CONNECT-TKL dual: a pair of libraries that provide the studio-expected security for 4K UHD on non-NOCS devices
  • NAGRA CONNECT-NOCS single: for NAGRA-controlled devices that don't have TEE
  • NAGRA CONNECT-NOCS dual: for NAGRA-controlled devices that have TEE

Supported use cases are:

  • Online: DVB connected, IPTV Multicast, and OTT unicast live & VOD
  • Offline: DVR and connected DVR
  • Subscription, PPV, Blackout
  • Catch-Up & Start Over
  • One-way messaging
  • Netflix and Disney streaming on STB (HD/UHD)
  • NAGRA or third-party Hardware Root of Trust (or Software Root of Trust for non-Nagra legacy devices)
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)
  • Hardened code (obfuscation, integrity check)
  • Content descrambling (AES, DVB)
  • Licence management (persistent and non-persistent)
  • Key change
  • Usage rules enforcement
  • Secure Media Path (SMP) management
  • Watermarking

In summary, service providers with the NAGRA CONNECT CLIENT can enable almost all use cases from the CAS and DRM worlds. This greatly helps service providers so they do not have to integrate multiple CAS and DRM into devices and can cover all use cases with the single CONNECT CLIENT.