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The OpenTV Player PPAPI/NaCl extension for the Chrome Native Client sandbox environment supports HLS and anyCAST PRM (DRM), ensuring that a single streaming format and encryption scheme can reach all supported browsers.

NAGRA's Portable Player Component (PPC) comprises a set of modules that make up the critical parts of the OpenTV Player, such as media source, demuxing, decoding, descrambling, playback control, and audio/video/subtitle synchronisation. The player functionality and capability are within NAGRA’s code and has no reliance on a device’s native player. This means that the OpenTV Player can evolve features quicker and offer a more stable, better quality HLS player. The PPC source code is portable across multiple platforms and provides integration points through abstraction layers for media source, network, and frame rendering to enable extensibility.

The Chrome extension is supported on Intel-based devices only.

Open source usage

The following third-party software is used and embedded within the OpenTV Player Browser Extension (PPAPI).

NameVersionOpen source licence model (if applicable)Link
FitText.jsMaster-20140817Public domainN/A
Require.js2.3.3MIT licenseN/A
NMPBase64EncodeDecode.cppN/AMIT variantStatic
Phantomjs.exe2.1.4BSD licenseN/A
Almond.js0.3.3MIT licenseN/A
Google Chrome Native ClientSDK49BSDStatic
Boost1.55.0Boost license 1.0Static
Gtest1.7.0BSD 3-clause licenceN/A
SigSlot0.1.0Public domainStatic