Feature nameSTBMobile phonesTabletsBrowsersOther home media devices
AndroidAndroidiPhoneAndroidiPadChromium BasedSafariFire TV
Playback controls
Streaming format support Live: HLS

Streaming format support Live: DASH

Streaming format support VOD: HLS

Streaming format support VOD: DASH

DRM: Connect (STB)

DRM: Fairplay

DRM: DASH Widevine

DRM: DASH PlayReady



Fast Forward and Rewind

Thumbnails during Trick Mode

Subtitles and CC

Multi-Audio tracks

Video Resolution Capping

EPG 2.0
EPG channel lineup

Favouriting channels

Record from EPG:

14 Day Future EPG

7 Day Reverse EPG

Filter by favourites or genre

Virtual channel of VOD content in the EPG

OTT-only channels in the EPG (e.g., Pluto TV)

Basic live features
Direct Channel Tuning 

 Full RCU

Channel Up/Down

Full RCU

35+ RCU support: support of full RCU button set (based on Android specification)

Saved showing CU and VOD favourited events

Saved showing recorded content (nPVR)

Series recording (nPVR): 


ION experience features
STILL WATCHING: stop playback after a set time of non-use

Timeline: includes channel browsing and recents

Video preview: when UX navigation stops on LIVE screen, the content goes to video preview mode

Magazine – content recommendations: live and VOD

Channel surfer: browse through live channels

Live menu: categorical view of currently airing content

Search: search across title, description, cast across all sources (live, VOD, etc.)

Search: recent searches (with ability to delete)

Browse: access to full operator catalogue

Notification support

Android TV operator tier
Boot to ION UX app: STB starts up into operator experience

Integrate Google Apps and Games: Google Apps and Games tab that is populated by Google

Integrate Google Assistant: integrate Google search and voice search (if available on the RCU)

Google search with operator results: search that incorporates the operator's content in the search results

First use integration: incorporates Google requirements in first use flow – Google terms and account setup

Settings with Android advanced settings: integration of Android settings into ION system settings

Notifications integration: notifications centre present on home screen, integrated to Google notifications server

Wifi settings integration: integration of wifi settings into ION system settings

Offline functionality: Apps and Games should be navigable without network

Mobile and TV app features
Push to preview: channel surfing UX on mobile

Notification integration: native integration with OS

Channel info: display channel name, number, and logo

Poster/image: display appropriate image for the title

Title: display content title

Description: display synopsis of the program

Duration: display the running time of the program, for live content display start/end time and date

Genre: display the associated genre(s) for the content

Season/episode: when appropriate, display the season/episode number

Parental rating: display the parental rating for the content

Cast and crew: display the relevant cast and crew

Related content: display recommended content based on that event

Episode picker: view all available episodes for a TV show

Better Together
Continue Watching across devices

Character set support: user experience to support various character sets

Language sets: user experience to be translated into different languages like French, Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Icon and labels: ability to modify Icons and labels for localisation

RTL support in the UX: support for UX that has similar IA but right-to-left navigation and layout (e.g., Arabic)

Language Fallback support

Branding and configuration
Branding: operator can brand ION with logo, fonts, and colours

Configure features in ION: add/remove menu tabs and features

Settings, first use, system
Basic device-only settings

Basic first use: basic setup flow for first-time users (provisioning, network setup, parental controls)

Account Login: By Username & Password

Account Login: By Device Identifier

User welcome/on-boarding: help users get started using the app/device

Parental Control PIN

Parental Control Age Ratings Restrictions 

Link to self-service portalDisplayed

Operator notifications to the device

Endpoint deployment and operations
Meets App Store Requirements

and sign-out

User Entitlements Validated upon sign-in 

Purchase, subscription, monetisation
Web Purchases: Purchases made via a Self Service Portal are reflected in ION 

Promote Future Events

Upselling via Display of unsubscribed content 

Promotions discover magazine: operator can define specific item and rank in magazine view

Promotions discover category: operator defines a specific category row

Advertising VAST

Advertising SSAI



On net/off net

In-Home Blocking

Metrics (for use with analytics)
Content usage: what is being played (channel, VOD, etc.), rate of video, buffering, etc.

UX usage: track where and how long users are spending time in the UI, device type

Region-specific features
Emergency Alert System support (US only)