OpenTV Video Platform enables an operator to support:

  • Short-Term Catch Up – live to VOD catch up from a short term buffer
  • Long-Term Catch Up – live to VOD catch up by creating a VOD asset
  • Shared/private copy network PVR

OpenTV provides the orchestration layer and integrates with Harmonic, Ateme, Broadpeak, AWS Cloud, and other vendors for transcoding, recording, and storage.

OpenTV Suite’s nPVR component consists of a control plane solution that can integrate with a data plane (packager/recorder). The control plane provides intelligence behind nPVR systems while existing in a cloud/on-premise environment. The data plane manages physical content capture, storage, and delivery. The cntrol plane manages the data plane during capture and delivery of content. Since the data plane is decoupled from the control plane, the operator is free to choose from existing or pre-integrated data plane vendors.

Control plane components supported in OpenTV Video Platform are:

  • Subscriber: the subscriber component manages subscriber data. It maintains a cache of subscribe data containing:
    • Provisioned services
    • Status of subscriber
    • Recording quota and usage
  • Scheduler: the scheduler manages recording requesta for personal (nPVR) and time-shift TV (LTCU). Its main functionality includes:
    • Generates recording request
    • Maintains recorded asset life cycle
  • EPG: the EPG management system manages EPG data ingested from the operator schedule or a metadata source.
  • Record: handles recording jobs and data plane communication.
  • Fulfilment: manages playback of personal recordings and time-shift TV:
    • Authenticates and authorises playback
    • Returns playback URL to clients