Once the OpenTV Video Platform has been created and configured the operator needs to publish their application to the relevant application delivery platforms.

This requires the operator to create an account on the different stores linked above. The operator will also need to create a Google Firebase account to support messaging and update functionality inside the application.

Having created these account the operator has two options:

  1. They can choose to handle the signing process of the application themselves; they will need to provide the configuration files from Firebase, and detail the customisations they'd like of the app to allow NAGRA to deliver an application that the operator will need to sign and submit to the app stores themselves. 
    1. That process is detailed here
  2. They can choose to invite the NAGRA GOS team (gos.eu@nagra.com) to their app store accounts who will then handle the retrieval of the required files to configure, sign and publish the app store using the NAGRA customisation tool.