There are five phases in the ION app publication process:

  • Phase 1 – Prerequisites: initiating publication with the app store, understanding roles and responsibilities.
  • Phase 2 – Preparation: organising the content and customising the app with operators' branding.
  • Phase 3 – Verification: E2E app testing and verification with the app store guidelines.
  • Phase 4 – Signing: preparing the app for publication using the operators' legal entity.
  • Phase 5 – Submission: publishing the app.

Parties involved in publishing the ION app:

  • Operators – Own the content rights, owns the app store account and is legally responsible for the ION app in the app store.
  • NAGRA – The ION app developer, provides signed app software.
  • App Store – Amazon, Apple and Google own each of their respective app stores and have their own submission processes.

Information Flow

Phase 1 - Enrolling in the App Store Developer Account

  • Operators must initiate the submission process to the app store as the legal relationship is between the app store and the operator.
  • Operators must enrol with each of the app stores (Apple, Amazon and Google) and create a developer account with each store.
  • Operators will be legally and financially responsible for the published app.

Phase 2 - Preparing the App for Submission

Operators to supply:

  • Video content for the app
  • App icons for the launcher
  • Branding and configuration (see the branding and configuration guide)
  • Additional content for the app store catalog:
    • Legal entity
    • App name
  • Content to merchandise the app for app store catalog:
    • Hero artwork
    • App screenshots
    • App description

Phase 3 - App Testing and Verification

  • The application will be tested with the operators' content and metadata.
  • NAGRA has an app submission template that follows each of the store guidelines. 
    Changes that are outside the template risk submission rejection; guidelines can be found here:

Phase 4 - Signing the App

  • Operators will sign the ION app using their app store certificate, provided by the app store.

Phase 5 - Submitting the App

Roles and Responsibilities

  • NAGRA acts as the app developer and provides signed software.
  • OPERATORS own the developer account, and are responsible for app submission to the App stores, and ongoing relationships with the stores and deployed apps.
  • APP STORES, each organization has its own unique submission processes for their app stores


Are responsible for:

  • App store account ownership
  • Content/Content rights
  • Legal and financial (in app purchases) contact to the app store
  • Providing app store metadata: app name, legal entity name
  • App store publication
  • Testing the app (together with NAGRA)
  • Making sure the app follows the app store guidelines and regulations
  • Content aggregation
  • App customisation per operators requirements
  • Helping operators submit app metadata: hero artwork, app screenshots, descriptions etc.

App Stores (Amazon, Apple, Google)

Are responsible for:

  • App store submission guidelines
  • Test suite for app submission process
  • Final deciding body on whether the app can be published in the app store


Is responsible for:

  • Developing, maintaining and delivering signed software (ION app) branded and configured for operators.
  • Basic app template and reference QA testing with app stores to ensure basic template meets store guidelines.)