NAGRA assumes you already have some knowledge of React/React Native Application building.

Product release files

Download and unzip the file which provides all the files to integrate into your Android, iOS or Web applications.

What is included?

The Android, JS and Apple native DAS SDKs are embedded within the files delivered in this plugin.

   │  ├──libDASReactNative-iOS.a
   │  ├──DASReactNative_iOS-Swift.h
   │  ├──libDASReactNative-tvOS.a
   │  ├──DASReactNative_tvOS-Swift.h
   │  └──DAS_Release.xcframework
   │     ├──Info.plist
   │     └<folders for each supported architecture>
   │  ├──libs
   │  │  ├──das-react-native-plugin-debug.aar
   │  │  ├──das-react-native-plugin-release.aar
   │  │  └──otvsdk.aar
   │  ├──src
   │  │  └──main
   │  │     ├──java
   │  │     │   └──com
   │  │     │      └──nagra
   │  │     │         └──das
   │  │     │            └──react
   │  │     │               └──plugin
   │  │     │                  └──
   │  │     └──AndroidManifest.xml
   │  └──build.gradle

Development environment

NAGRA recommends using Mac for development purposes; instructions for setting up on Windows are also provided.

  • For Android and Apple platforms, see the React Native document Setting up the development environment and follow React Native CLI Quickstart (not Expo CLI Quickstart).
  • For Web/HbbTV, see the React Native for Web  Installation and follow Create React App (not Expo).

The plugin has been developed using the following dependency versions. NAGRA recommends using the following versions or higher:

  • Node 14.17.1
  • Yarn 1.22.10
  • CocoaPods 1.10.1

The plugin is built with react-native-tvos@0.63.4-0, and it is compatible with react-native@0.63.4.

Steps common to all platforms

The package.json file for your applications needs to include reference to the location of the contents of the zip.


If retrieved from a package management system:

  "dependencies": {
    "@nagra/das-react-native-plugin": "^1.0.0",

or as a reference to a relative file path:

  "dependencies": {
    "@nagra/das-react-native-plugin": "file:../das-react-native-plugin",