The CONNECT Player SDK 5 for Android enables you to embed the player within an existing or new native Java or Kotlin application. The SDK wraps and extends the media player API, providing a similar interface to the Android Video view.

Supported versions and formats

Supported OS Versions​Adaptive Streaming FormatDRMAudio/Video ContainerEncrypt MethodBlock/Cypher
Android 5.x (Lollipop) onwardsDASHWidevine

Supported audio and video codecs

Video codecAudio codecComments

Only where the hardware supports H.265 decoding

SDK file contents

NAGRA supplies two variants of the SDK library, one with PRM support and one without. 
If PRM is not required, the Android SDK 5 package typically contains the following files:

If you have requested NAGRA PRM support, PRM versions of the above files will be supplied:

  • opy-sdk-android-<version>
  • opy-sdk-android-<version>-sdk-prm-integration.aar
  • opy-sdk-android-<version>-sdk-prm-production.aar

In addition, the PRM Operational Vault file opvault.json is also provided.

Player licence

The player will not work without an encrypted licence that controls which player features and platforms are enabled. Two types of licence are available:

  • Trial licence - a time-limited licence which works with any domain to evaluate the player.
  • Commercial licence - supplied to you once you licence the product. It will only work with the domain name provided with the licence.

Open-source usage

The following third-party software is used and embedded within the CONNECT Player SDK 5 for Android.

  • exo-player 2.11.4

Native side open-source libraries.

  • Jansson 2.11
  • Cjose 0.6.0
  • Openssl 1.0.2n
  • boost 1.64.0

Java side open-source libraries.

  • protobuf-lite 3.0.1