To test this feature and view the example code, please see the Android SDK 5 Example Code Quick Start guide.

NAGRA CONNECT is the hardware implementation of NAGRA PRM. The device hardware handles PRM-encrypted content, for example, PRM-enabled Android TV set-top boxes, and does not require a PRM-enabled version of the CONNECT Player SDK .aar file.

Such devices use Android's MediaDrm API extended with NAGRA's MediaDRM plug-in. The plugin implements NAGRA's Connect Client Library (CCL) for CONNECT PRM. As with the software implementation of PRM, a specific Operator Vault (OpVault) that matches your PRM-enabled licence servers is also used and must be configured with the unlockJAVADescramblingForHybridMode flag set to true; see Prerequisites.

Due to the different methods of protection, the implementation of CONNECT-protected playback differs between HLS and DASH streams. However, some details are common to both:

  • An Operator Vault file matching your licence servers.
  • One-time provisioning is required to pair the device with the licence server.
  • Tokens are used to request decryption keys from the licence server.

Provisioning is 'per device, per operator', and must be done once for each application (containing your OpVault) installed on that device.


The following are required:

  • The device supports NAGRA CONNECT.
  • The Operational Vault for working with the provisioning server is present and configured with the unlockJAVADescramblingForHybridMode flag set to true.
  • For HLS playback, the minimum version of the MediaDRM plug-in is 1.1.1; for DASH playback, the minimum version is 2.0.0.