To test this feature and view the example code, please see the Android SDK 5 Example Code Quick Start guide.

Different audio tracks can be enabled when a stream is playing by calling the following methods on the OTVVideoView instance. Multi-audio features the same classes and calls as the Subtitles feature. However, there is always one audio track selected, whereas there can be no subtitles selected. OTVTrackInfo[] getOTVTrackInfo() returns an array of all tracks in the current stream, including audio and subtitle tracks.

The following audio track types are supported:

  • AAC-LC
  • HE-AAC
  • HE-AACv2


A clear stream with an alternative audio track is available for testing.

Example code

The following example code is used to enable multi-audio tracks.

Audio tracks located by interrogating for tracks of type AUDIO

    OTVTrackInfo[] trackInfo = mOTVVideoView.getOTVTrackInfo();
    for (int i = 0; i < trackInfo.length ; i++) {
      if (trackInfo[i].getType() == OTVTrackInfo.MEDIA_TRACK_TYPE_AUDIO) {
        // Add to audio track list with index 'i'
      } else if (trackInfo[i].getType() == OTVTrackInfo.MEDIA_TRACK_TYPE_TIMEDTEXT) {
        // Ignore track
      } else if (trackInfo[i].getType() == OTVTrackInfo.MEDIA_TRACK_TYPE_VIDEO) {
        // Ignore track
    // Return audio track list and indexes to present to the user for selection

To select a track at an index of the array returned by getOTVTrackInfo()


Do not call selectTrack() if there is only one audio track as it is not supported and can lead to unexpected results.

To deselect a track at an index of the array returned bygetTrackInfo() (optional)


To implement a listener (ITrackChangedListener()) which is called whenever the track changes (optional)

    // Create a Track changed listener
    private ITrackChangedListener mTrackchangedListener = new ITrackChangedListener() {
      public void onTrackChanged() {
        // handle anything you want to do when a streams track changes

For details of the API calls used above, see the OTVVideoView class reference.