The CONNECT Player SDK provides tools to enable playback of NAGRA Persistent Rights Management (PRM) encrypted streams.

The player provides two mechanisms to handle PRM-protected content by using:

  • A Player Access Kernel (PAK) library.
  • A dedicated Connect Client (CCL) installed with the Android System on Android TV hardware.

PRM-protected playback with PAK

Also called Software PRM, this is the most widely-used mechanism and is used in applications on open devices, where the device has no PRM-specific libraries installed in the Android system. PRM-enabled SDK libraries are required for this mechanism. In the delivery package, the PRM-enabled libraries contain -prm- in the filename, for example, sdk-prm-integration.aar and sdk-prm-production.aar.

The prm versions of the integration.aar and production.aar files can do everything the non-prm version can, at the expense of library size and library load time.

See PRM-protected playback with PAK.

PRM-protected playback with CCL plug-in

Also called Hardware PRM, this is used on Android TV set-top boxes with dedicated libraries in the Android system to handle CONNECT PRM content. PRM-enabled SDK libraries are not needed as the PRM libraries are in the Android system.
See PRM-protected playback with NAGRA CONNECT.