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The CONNECT Player SDK for Apple (FPS) enables you to develop a secure player that can playback Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) encrypted content. It is available in two versions, iOS and tvOS, and supports HD and 4K playback. Media playback is enabled using the Swift class OTVAVPlayer, which inherits all properties and functions from AVPlayer, and extends AVPlayer to simplify FPS integration and support additional functionality.

Supported versions and formats

Supported OS versionsAdaptive Streaming FormatDRMAudio/Video ContainerEncryption Method
iOS releases 11-13HLSFairPlayISOBMFF/F-MP4 (CMAF)cbcs
tvOS releases 11-13HLSFairPlayMPEG2-TSSAMPLE-AES

SDK file contents

The iOS and tvOS SDK folders typically contain the following files (zipped):

Player licence

The player will not work without an encrypted licence that controls which player features and platforms are enabled. Two types of licence are available:

  • Trial licence - a time-limited licence which works with any domain to evaluate the player.
  • Commercial licence - given to you once you licence the product.  It only works with the domain name provided with the licence.

Open-source usage

The following third-party software is used and embedded within the CONNECT Player SDK for Apple (FPS).

NameVersionOpen source licence model (if applicable)Link
String+URLEncode.swiftN/ABSD 3-clause licenseN/A