The following development tools are required; see Recommended tool versions below.

You also need a device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. The app requires a physical Android device with debugging enabled per Android guidelines ( It will not work on an emulator.


The table below lists the external library dependencies for integrating the SDK and its features. Dependencies for other features are listed under the relevant feature description.

DependencyVersionRequired for
androidx.appcompat:appcompat 1.2.0 Android X general support 31.0.1-android Google Java Core Libraries 2.2.5Offline playback feature 3.0.1 Handling Widevine-encrypted content 3.20.1 Playing Google IMA ads 17.0.0Playing Google IMA ads 
insight-agent 1.2.2NAGRA Insight agent for collecting statistics

Build configuration

To build an application with this SDK, the following have to be configured in your Gradle file(s):

Configuration item Configuration value 
compileSdkVersion32 or higher
minSdkVersion21 or higher 

Recommended tool versions

ToolRecommended version
Java JDK11
Android Gradle Plugin7.0.4

Open-source usage

The following third-party software is used and embedded within the CONNECT Player SDK 5 for Android.

exo-player2.16.1Apache V2.0
Java-side open-source libraries
guava31.0.1-androidApache V2.0