For upgrading the CONNECT player to Android SDK 5.x from SDK 4.x, please see the Android SDK 4.x to 5.x Migration Guide.
To test the features and view the example code, please see the Android SDK5 Example Code Quick Start guide.

The following procedures describe how to create a new CONNECT Player application in Android.

Prerequisites and dependencies

For the development tools, current dependencies and minimum build configuration required for integrating your app with the CONNECT Player SDK, see Prerequisites and dependencies.

Product release files

NAGRA supplies the following files as part of the Multi-DRM release:

  • opy-sdk-android-5.25.x-sdk-integration.aar
    This file is used for integration activities.
  • opy-sdk-android-5.25.x-sdk-production.aar
    This file replaces the integration version when the complete application is ready to be deployed.

If your project requires support for Playback of PRM encrypted content (Software PRM), use the PRM versions of the above files:

  • opy-sdk-android-5.25.x-sdk-prm-integration.aar
  • opy-sdk-android-5.25.x-sdk-prm-production.aar

You will also need the PRM Operational Vault file opvault.json.

Integration process

We recommend you perform integration of CONNECT Player SDK 5 in the following stages: