The following pages describe the error codes received from the player. The player provides two error parameters: what and extra. The what error parameter conveys the error category, for example, CONNECT, PAK, SSP failure, and the extra parameter gives the specific reason for the failure.

The application can access error events from the SDK through the following API on OTVVideoView : . Most of the errors can be handled by the MediaPlayer.OnErrorListener.


   * Register a callback to be invoked when an error occurs during playback or
   * setup.
  public void setOnErrorListener(MediaPlayer.OnErrorListener listener);
The MediaPlayer.OnErrorListener callback is defined through standard Android API:
WhatExtraDescriptionApplication error handling recommendation
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 10Unknown error.No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 1MEDIA_ERROR_IO = -1004Manifest or segment not found.No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 1MEDIA_ERROR_MALFORMED = -1007Manifest or stream is corrupted or invalid.No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 1MEDIA_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED = -1010The device does not support the input stream codec.No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 1MEDIA_ERROR_TIMED_OUT = -110Some operations took a long time (connect, download).No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN = 1MEDIA_ERROR_SYSTEM = -2147483648Unspecified system error.No retry
MEDIA_ERROR_SERVER_DIED =100-The media server died.The application must release the player object and create a new one.
MEDIA_ERROR_NOT_VALID_FOR_PROGRESSIVE_PLAYBACK = 200-Stream container not valid for progressive playback.No retry