The SDK can be downloaded directly via FTP. Please contact your NAGRA representative to obtain access.

Once access is granted, use this procedure to download the release artefacts:

  1. Using your preferred Secure FTP client, log in to
  2. Change the directory to the root delivery folder /home/svc-opy_ci/delivery/ and drill down to the release folder:

    • Multi-DRM SDK  com/nagra/opentv/player/sdk/android/opy-sdk-android/5.23.0/mdrm

    • PRM SDK  com/nagra/opentv/player/sdk/android/opy-sdk-android/5.23.0/prm

  3. Download the required files.
Account expiry
Your NAGRA FTP account will expire after twelve months, so you will need to refresh your account annually. Accounts are purged from the system 30 days after expiration; after that, they will have to be re-created.