January 2023

The table below shows the current status of NAGRA SDK releases.
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SDKReleaseDateNew featuresFixesRelease Notes
CONNECT Player for Android5.25.024 Nov 2022

Licence pre-delivery/pre-fetching and renewal

Audio volume enhancer

Buffering then pausing when playing on CONNECT HLS

Low volume on Kindle with SDK v5

getBytesDownloaded() method in the NetworkUsage class returned signed (negative) metrics

Android SDK 5.25.x Release Notes
5.25.110 Jan 2023No new featuresFix for handling CONNECT HLS live stream license expiration.
CONNECT Player for Apple (FPS)5.9.016 Dec 2022

iOS 16 support

Simulator playback (clear content only)

FairPlay licence in binary form

XCFramework support for:
iOS/iPadOS simulator
tvOS simulator

No bug fixesApple (FPS) SDK 5.9.0 Release Notes
CONNECT Player for Browsers and Connected TV5.15.012 Jan 2023

Preferred Audio/Text language

FPS Binary format support

Shaka Player engine update to v4.3.2 to pick up bug fixes

SSM messaging appending inconsistently between Android/Web and iOS/tvOS platforms.

Subtitle text font is not even always the font size changes while decoding.

Overlapping and badly formed layout of subtitle text.

Browsers and Connected TV SDK 5.14.0 Release Notes
CONNECT Player React Native1.8.016 Jan 2023

getVersion() API added

SSM Validation


Callback mode (Web only)

Tizen -  Could not test stop API.

Connected TV/HBB TV capping example could not be controlled by remote control.

Playready SSM did not renew licence in MS Edge.

iOS Auto Test SSM Setup failure got error code 1000 instead of 6001.

Safari - missing onAudioTrackSelected event.

statisticConfig was not working

ios/tvos - Bitrate capping did not take effect in Resolution/Bitrate capping example code. 

Safari - inconsistent behaviour of onAudioTrackSelected for VOD encrypted content.

iOS v1.6-based TestFlight App rejected by Apple.

TVKEY subtitles appeared in the middle of the screen.

License request failed for ssm FairPlay content.

Android player ‑ Autoplay property should be false by default.

React Native SDK 1.8.x Release Notes
1.7.418 Jan 2023No new featuresSubtitle text font is not always even, font size changes while decoding.React Native SDK 1.7.x Release Notes
1.7.309 Dec 2022No new featuresSMTPE Subtitle placement at the top of the screen (i.e. not subtitles)
DAS Client for Android

5.1.07 Sep 2022Widevine unique Device Identifier

Unable to perform Crypto operation from DAS Android APP

UI-fix Server URL field value is overridden by default

DAS Client for Android 5.1.0 Release Notes
DAS Client for Apple5.3.013 Jan 2023

Rebuild with Python 3.x KOP Patcher

No bug fixesDAS Client for Apple 5.3.0 Release Notes
5.2.116 Dec 2022No new featuresCrash on multiple asynchronous das_session_sign_data method calls.DAS Client for Apple 5.2.1 Release Notes
DAS Web Client for Browsers and Connected TV5.3.017 Feb 2022Support of DAS Web with Widevine on recent Smart TVsNo bug fixesDAS Web Client 5.3.0 Release Notes
DAS React Native Client1.1.024 Jan 2023

Native Client update:

  • Android support for CONNECT PRM
  • Apple rebuilt for iOS/tvOS 16
No bug fixesDAS React Native Client 1.1.0 Release Notes